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Peterland company founded by Piotr Lysiak

Peterland is responsible for management and marketing services.

Piotr Lysiak was an artist and dancer of Slask, Polish Army, Cats, Gershwin Gala in the nineties.

He graduated from university Faculty of Marketing and Management of SWSPiZ in Lodz Poland and the MBA of the University of Lodz and the University of Maryland US.  Sales manager and free lanser  among others: Polish Telecommunication S.A. , CEO of Aforti Holding S.A. Warsaw Stock Exchange, Sales Director of MTN Products Europe. Expert in the implementation of telematics system solutions for the TSL market.

Founder and CEO of the Filius Fortunae Association, supporting children’s activities through Radio Drops projects and computer graphics for MyFonts US.

Peterland Piotr Łysiak

Zakładowa str. 142

92-402 Łódź


email: pl [at]